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About the Author:
Art Ayris is the CEO of Kingstone Studios and publisher for Kingstone Comics, which produced the Kingstone Bible, the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done and finalist for Christian Book of the Year in 2017.

Ayris is a regular media contributor and has been interviewed by FOX News, The Guardian, American Family Radio, Christian Science Monitor, Faithwire, Publishers Weekly, WORLD magazine, Movieguide, Baptist Press, Orlando Sentinel, and many other media outlets. His writing and producing awards for film and television include Best TV Movie in Hollywood’s Next Success contest, Best Feature Florida Film & Television, Best Feature Angel Awards, Best Feature Independent Film Festival, and other film and television awards. He also serves globally as the President of the Comic Bible Society, which distributes Bible comics and animations in more than sixty languages.

Art also serves his community as Executive Pastor and trustee at First Baptist Leesburg, a church widely known for its outreach to those in need, assisting over 15,000 people annually. He led in the acquisition of a local motel, subsequently renamed The Samaritan Inn, which now houses homeless families and has been featured on the Orlando ABC affiliate eight times. Additionally, he was the founding Executive Director of the Community Medical Care Center, a no-cost clinic for the medically indigent, now staffed by 50 doctors and numerous volunteer health professionals serving over 7,000 people annually.

Art and his wife Kelly, a former television director and on-air talent, have enjoyed a 40-year “media marriage” and have two sons they consider their greatest productions yet, a precious daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren who will be coming to a theater near you soon!

Art’s books Kingstone Bible Trilogy and Kingstone Comics are available in the BookCenter.

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