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Led by Dr. Al and Pastor June Barrow

  • Do you get confused about when to say YES and how to say NO to your child, spouse, or a friend?
  • Does your life feel out of control?
  • Does everybody want something from you?
  • Do you often feel guilty about something you’ve done or haven’t done for someone?

Learning to set healthy interpersonal boundaries is vital to mental health. The emotional and relational problems we experience frequently stem from an inability to set good boundaries with others. During this seminar, Dr. Al and Pastor June offer a biblical perspective on learning how to take control of our life. We look at what boundaries are, why they matter, and how to put them in place and respect them in others. More specifically, we will consider how this applies to relationships with our children, spouse, and friends and what Scripture says about this.

Register by calling the Spiritual Development Center (239-221-8250) or emailing Dr. Al or Pastor June. There is a $10 charge for lunch.

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