School and Work Culture

Wonder Years Preschool is a ministry of First Presbyterian Church. First Church offers its teachers a career path and opportunities for growth. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to use our gifts and talents to help further the Lord’s work in our community. Our church has an outstanding reputation for its Christian ministries and programs, its enthusiastic congregational involvement, and its numerous community-oriented activities and outreach.

We credit our vitality first to God and then to every one of the members of our congregation and the church staff who work diligently to reinforce our Christian philosophy. We seek to foster a professional and respectful environment where our employees find satisfaction and pride in their work.

Teacher Training

The Director of Family Ministries has a wealth of experience training early childhood educators. Each of our staff is expected to come and contribute toward our goals, and we partner with them to assist them in developing their skills.

We Are Hiring!

If you are looking for a working environment with strong relationships, great working conditions, and career development opportunities, please contact us.

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